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Merrick Rosenberg Blog Corner

How “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” Spawned a Multi-Million Dollar Industry
that has Nothing to Do with Superheroes

professor marsten and the wonder woman

The biopic delves into the polyamorous relationship with his wife and mistress, his proclivity for S&M (and how it made its way into the Wonder Woman comics), and how he brought his progressive views about female liberation to life via a comic book character.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Today is Officially Football Season!
football season

For many Americans, today kicks off “the most wonderful time of year” – the official start of the NFL season! Just as in every other aspect of life, the DISC personality styles play a big role on the gridiron.

Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse

The Take Flight Birds, like so many others across this great nation of ours, are psyched to experience today’s total solar eclipse. But as each bird represents one of the four different DISC personality styles, they are experiencing it in their own way. Let’s break it down.

Avoid Losing Friends and Followers: Think “Birds” before You Post

Avoid Losing Friends and Followers
It’s inescapable. Our personalities affect everything we do – from interacting with friends, family, and co-workers – to posting on social media. As anyone who regularly scrolls through a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn feed knows, opinions clash and emotions flare just as readily online as in face-to-face communications.

In Review: Year of the Personality   
2015 year of personality

As 2015 winds down, our Facebook feeds are filling up with links to Top Ten lists and think pieces ruminating on the biggest buzzwords and trends of the past year. The usual end-of-the-year roundup inspired us to think about the trends that we’ve noticed this past year.

The Chameleon is available for pre-sale!

the chameleon book presale
Take Flight Learning is thrilled to announce that Merrick Rosenberg’s highly anticipated sequel to “Take Flight!,” entitled “The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does,” will be released just in time for the holiday season.

What DISC Can Teach Us about the 2016 Election

what disc can teach us about the 2016 election
Have you noticed something different about the dialogue surrounding the 2016 presidential election? While candidates and pundits alike are talking about big-ticket issues, the focus on personality is bigger than ever. Not since the 1960’s first-ever TV debate, in which an awkward Richard Nixon squared off against an effortlessly charismatic John F. Kennedy, has personality played such a big role in election coverage.

The Key Benefits of a Taking Flight DISC Certification
the key benefits of a taking flight with disc certification

Hesitant about taking yet another DISC certification course? Skeptical of whether it’s worth it? Forget what you know about traditional DISC training and immerse yourself in Take Flight Learning’s life-changing approach to teaching the DISC styles.

An Ancient Technique Breathes New Life into the DISC Model

Aesop’s Fables were written well over two millennia ago, but children and adults the world over can still recite at least a few tales by heart. Stories like “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs” or “The Fox and the Crow” have appeared in countless translations and iterations, but their core messages—their famous morals and lessons—have withstood the test of time.

What Each Style Needs to Accept

what each disc style needs to accept
We all look at the world through the lens of our own DISC style. This means that we may need to accept that others handle problems and approach the world differently than we would. And this means that we may need to accept that ‘my way is not the only way.

Two Species of Owl

two species of owl disc blog
Owls, or C’s in the DISC world, are known for their logic and accuracy.  They like plans, systems, and order.  You would think it would be easy to recognize an Owl by the pristine neatness of their office, since they are organizational gurus, right?  Not always.  You see, there are two kinds of organizational systems that Owls tend to embrace.

How Take Flight Learning's DISC Training Program Truly Stands Apart

What makes our DISC Training Stand apart
Innovation: this is something that is often the result of reinvention. If someone were to ask you what DISC style you are, you would most likely refer back to your previous workbook to see what letter you are. 

More Powerful VS Less Powerful

More Powerful VS less Powerful Blog
For example, Eagles typically feel that they are more powerful than their environment and have the capacity to shape outcomes through goal setting, resourcefulness, and hard work. Eagles love a challenge precisely because it’s difficult to accomplish.

Does Your Boss Stress You Out?

Does Your Boss Stress You Out?
Does working for your boss stress you out?  If so, consider his or her DISC personality style and contrast it with your own.
Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract

Ask just about anyone "If, after taking a personality test, they would score radically different than their spouse ,or significant other, and the answer will overwhelmingly be “yes!”. As the cliché goes, opposites attract.

Funny Thing About Humor
Humor is a funny thing blog

The other day, I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory with my wife. Throughout the show, I found myself laughing hysterically. Now I’m not just talking about a quiet chuckle. I was belly laughing out loud.

DISC Style Email

DISC Style Email blog
The next time you start crafting an e-mail, think about the DISC styles of the sender (you) and the receiver (someone who you hope will actually read and digest what you have written.)  

What Drives Each Style

what drives each style blog
We all have different needs and desires that shape our behaviors. Given that how we think drives how we act, if we understand an individual’s needs, we can understand and possibly even predict how someone will act in given situations.

The 4 A's of the DISC System

the 4 a's of the disc system
When trying to understand human behavior, we can reverse-engineer a person’s actions to determine why they do what they do. So let’s start with behavior. 

And the Best Style for Time Management Is....

The best DISC style for Time Management Blog
How do you manage your time?  Each style has their own perspective according to the DISC system. Eagles are natural at prioritizing. Those with a Dominant DISC style will simply decide which task is the most important or can be accomplished the quickest, and move aggressively to accomplish their goals.  

Building Respect with the Personality Styles

Blog respect thumbnail
Respect. We all want it. How we earn respect may just depend upon who we’re trying to earn it from. So, let’s take a look at how to win the respect of others from a DISC system perspective.

What is your Listening Style?

what is your listening style blog

Listening is a skill that most of us take for granted. In school we’re taught how to read and write, but not how to listen. It’s as if all that’s required is a set of ears.

A Dove Never Forgets

a dove never forgets disc style
Ever notice that some people have more trouble letting go of difficult experiences than others?  From a DISC system perspective, this is not surprising.  

DISC is the Key to Public Speaking 

Disc the Key to public speaking
Sales people need to know their audience, as well as managers who need to announce organizational changes at a town hall meeting.

I wish I knew this before
I wish i knew this before Blog

One of most common phrases I hear when I lead DISC training programs or speak at a conference about the DISC styles is, "I wish I knew this before ________."

Systems and the DISC System

 Systems and the DISC system

Each of the four DISC styles approaches the world in a different way. This means that we have varying needs for structure and order in our lives.

We Give What We Need the Most

We give what we need most blog

There’s an interesting phenomenon in human behavior in which our actions reveal our needs. Essentially, the very same behaviors that we display to others reflect back to them how we want to be treated. Another way of saying this is that we want others to treat us the way that we treat them.

The DISC Quarterback

the disc quarterback blog

We have an enough to think about in our hectic, fast-paced world.  Pondering which DISC style to apply in a given situation or with a specific person shouldn’t be one of them.

Coaching in Style

blog coaching in style

Sometimes, when managers coach their staff members, they try to change them into something they are not. This conveys a lack of acceptance, which people naturally rebel against.  

DISC Styles Therapy

The other day, I walked by a neighbor who has strong Owl (C) and Dove (D) style tendencies. (In the DISC model, that makes him a (CS), which I refer to as the Perfectionist style pattern in Taking Flight!.)

Kids and the DISC Model

blog kids and the disc model

Kids say the darndest things and sometimes we can link what they say to the DISC styles

Kill the Mutant

disc blog kill the mutant
In many cases, an outlier resides within the team. In other words, this person has a DISC style that is very different from the majority of the team members.

Do People Drive You Crazy?
Blog do people drive you crazy

Do people drive you crazy? A great and wise sage once said, “Everyone driving slower than you is an idiot. Everyone driving faster than you is a maniac.”

Meeting in Style
Meeting in Style blog

We talk about the DISC styles in terms of people, but meetings can have a style too…and the style of the meeting usually correlates with the style of the person running it. 

What If Everyone Wore a Button Identifying Their DISC Style?
Disc Style identification buttons

While I'm not suggesting that we all go out and buy buttons containing our DISC style... it would make interactions at work and at home a lot easier. 

Mistakes and the DISC Styles

mistakes and the disc styles
We all know that mistakes are a part of life, but not everyone deals with mistakes in the same way.  In fact, our DISC style has an impact on how willing we are to make mistakes and how we respond after we’ve made them.

Brown M&Ms and the C Hat
Brown MMs and the C hat

While on tour in the 1980s Van Halen instructed stage crews, via a clause embedded in their tour contract, that a bowl full of M&Ms be placed backstage with all brown M&Ms removed.

DISC Styles and Lying 
DISC Styles and Lying

When people think about the DISC model of personality, people don't tend to relate DISC and lying.  Interestingly, they come together in the Wonder Woman character.  Confused? 

Sometimes Even You Can Be Annoying

We are keenly aware that at times, other people push our buttons. But we don't put much thought into the notion that we may push other peoples buttons too.

Care Don't Worry

Out of the four DISC styles, the Supportive S style is most prone to experience worrying. This happens when there is an excessive and irrational fear about everyday things that is disproportional to what is causing the person to worry.

Genius of the Dominant Style 

This is the first of a four part series on Style. When conducting Taking Flight With DISC training, we discuss the hidden genius that each DISC style possesses. This remarkable ability comes so naturally to each style that they may barely notice it, yet this genius plays a major role in their own success. It’s also a skill that none of the other styles possess at the genius level.

Genius of the Interactive Style

This is the 2nd of a four-part series on The Hidden Genius of Style.When conducting Taking Flight with DISC training programs, we discuss the hidden genius possessed by each DISC style. These remarkable abilities come so naturally to each style that they may barely notice it. Yet this genius plays a major role in creating success and happiness.The genius of the I style.

Genius of the Supportive Style

This is the 3rd of a four-part series on The Hidden Genius of Style. When conducting Taking Flight with DISC training, we discuss the hidden genius that each DISC style possesses. This remarkable ability comes so naturally to each style that they may barely notice it, yet this genius plays a major role in their own success. It’s also a skill that none of the other styles possess at the genius level. Next up, the genius of S.

Genius of the Conscientious Style

This is the 4th of a four-part series on The Genius of Style. When conducting Taking Flight with DISC training, we discuss the hidden genius that each DISC style possesses. This remarkable ability comes so naturally to each style that they may barely notice it, yet this genius plays a major role in their own success. It’s also a skill that none of the other styles possess at the genius level.

D's and Clarity

Ever notice that some people have a proverbial sign on their forehead that says "cut to the chase!"? If you speak a little bit long, their body language gets fidgety, they instinctively reach for their phone then pull back, their eyes dart around.

I Know that I am Right Because...

Each of the DISC styles has a different way of knowing that they are right. 

Know Thyself

"While many people believe that they “know themselves,” the reality could not be further from the truth. Perhaps Johann Wolfgang von Goethe got it right about 200 years ago when he bravely declared, “Know thyself? If I knew myself, I’d run away.

A Simple Model Explains So Much

The power of the DISC styles is that they provide a framework for making sense of why people say what they say and do what they do. The styles help us to understand needs, wants, fears, motives, stress response, and much more. 

The Power of Intention

Goethe said, “In the works of man as in those of nature, it is the intention which is chiefly worth studying.” Understanding the DISC styles give us the opportunity to look to intention rather than just behavior. 

Keeping the Beat

As I watched my son's school concert last night, I realized that drummer plays the role of the Supportive or “S” DISC style in the band. The drummer holds the music together. The drummer's role is to keep the beat and ensure that everyone stays in sync.

Personality Tests by Numbers

There are many profiles that assess an individual’s behavioral style or personality. 

Understanding Stress with the DISC styles

We all have moments when we experience stress.  When it hits, we feel it in our bodies and it impacts our ability to think clearly.  Some stress is motivating and encourages us. 

Group and Organizational DISC Styles

Just as we can use the DISC styles to better understand people, we can apply the same DISC system model to understanding companies. While there isn't necessarily a personality test for an organization, the styles reflect themselves in how companies innovate, manage change, create culture, and drive towards results. 

What Would Dorian Do?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that require us to act ways that are outside of our comfort zone.  When this happens, at best, we feel uncomfortable. At worst, the fear becomes so overwhelming that we do whatever we can to avoid the situation.

The Interview

Are you going on an interview? If so, wait!  What does your DISC style reveal about how you are likely to come across?

Filing System

My daughter and I got in the car for a trip to the store. She needed to return and exchange an item we had purchased a week before.  "You do have the receipt, right?" she asked nervously.  

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Who Understand The DISC Styles

In honor of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I thought I'd have some fun with his model of applying seven habits to increase our effectiveness.  In this case, I outline seven habits that relate to the DISC model of behavior.  

Thank you, thank you

You walk into a room and everyone erupts in applause. How do you react?The answer to that question depends largely on your personality.  Your DISC style might even predict your response.

At what age can we determine DISC style?

One of the most common questions I get when leading sessions based on the DISC model goes something like, “How old do children have to be before we can figure out what style they are?”

The Table Is On Fire

As I enjoyed a quiet dinner at an Italian restaurant on a recent business trip to Richmond, Virginia, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. While cleaning off a table, a busboy inadvertently knocked over an oil lamp.  The oil immediately spread across the white linen table cloth, which instantly caught fire. The busboy was frantic.

Are you more interested on interesting?

If there’s one challenge that seems to befuddle the I Parrot, it’s balancing being interested with being interesting.

DISC: Assumption vs. Reality

Have you ever made assumptions about why someone said or did something that you didn't appreciate only to find out later that it had nothing to do with what you had thought? Of course you have. 

Even The Roads Have A DISC Style

As I've traveled around the world sharing the Taking Flight! birds with people of all walks of life, I've noticed that culture has a strong impact on how people act.

Stressing Out In Style

Stress is a funny thing. It makes us act in ways that minimize our effectiveness and push other people's buttons. Each of the DISC styles responds to differently when stressed. 

An S Never Forgets

Ever notice that some people have more trouble letting go of difficult experiences than others? From a DISC system perspective, this is not surprising. I’s, for example, don’t dwell upon negativity or stress. Their optimistic nature quickly finds silver linings and looks forward to the next interesting or creative experience.

Accuracy by Style

In DISC training programs I often turn to a group of C’s and ask, “When you’re working on a project, what is the most important aspect of it to you?” The response is almost always: “It’s got be right.”

Utilize the DISC Styles to Connect, Not Manipulate

When talking about the DISC styles,