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Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

June 3, 2021

Total Solar Eclipse

MARLTON, NJ, August 21, 2017 — The Take Flight Birds, like so many others across this great nation of ours, are psyched to experience today’s total solar eclipse. But as each bird represents one of the four different DISC personality styles, they are experiencing it in their own way. Let’s break it down.

The Dominant Eagle has been too busy to make any advance plans to watch the eclipse, but once she decided (yesterday!) that she wanted to witness the celestial event she was determined to acquire a pair of eclipse glasses – no matter the amount of effort or cost.

The Interactive Parrot is always up for a party – and a solar eclipse is no exception! She made plans the day before – despite not even having eclipse glasses or any way to get them on such short notice – to block out some time to gather a flock of friends for food and drinks to celebrate.

The Supportive Dove decided that a solar eclipse is a perfect excuse for some time off to hang with family and friends. Time off for the day was requested months ago – right before ordering eclipse glasses online for his entire family and a few close friends.

The Conscientious Owl, while appalled by the Eagle and Parrot’s lack of preparation, is quite pleased with himself. After careful research, he purchased two pairs (one and a back up) of highly recommended and attractive eclipse glasses, both at a great price.

Which bird are YOU this solar eclipse? Click here, to find out.

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