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Chameleon Selling

The Chameleon Selling Program builds upon the insights and skills learned in the Taking Flight with DISC Program. This session takes a fresh approach to sales training that is engaging and impactful.

This session helps salespeople better understand themselves, their customers and prospective customers in a way that has never been done before. Chameleon Selling looks at sales through the lens of the four personality styles – the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl. Participants engage in a series of activities that will enhance the sales skills and strategies they employ every day.

Chameleon Selling is designed to take salespeople to the next level. Participants will learn how to infuse style into everything they do from the initial phase of prospecting and qualifying leads to maintaining the relationship and creating post-sales opportunities.

Chameleon Selling includes:

The Power of Style: They will discover the importance of incorporating the four styles into every aspect of the selling process.

The Customer: Individuals will learn how to quickly identify a customer’s style so they can adapt their approach to satisfy their needs.

ADAPTing for Sales: Individuals will gain the skills to Assess their own style, Determine a prospect’s style, Adjust to the prospect, Perceive the impact of style-flexing, and Track action and results.

The Pitch: Salespeople will learn how to customize their pitch to each individual for groups containing people of all styles.

The Sales Team: Sometimes our own team members get in the way of generating sales. Participants will learn how to maximize the power of a sales team by tapping into each person’s style.

Selling to a Prospect’s Company Culture: Salespeople will discover how to adapt to cultures based on the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl styles.

Communicating to a Prospect’s Role: Individuals will learn how to speak to people of each style based on various roles including: Connector, Gatekeeper, Advocate, Decision-Maker and User.

Style Practice: Individuals will practice communicating to and selling to all four bird styles.

Chameleon Selling Brochure

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chameleon selling sales training program