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Taking Flight with DISC

If you’re like most facilitators, you want to immediately capture the attention of your participants… and you want to keep it! You want your programs to be dynamic, engaging, informative and so effective, they not only change each participant’s mindset, but also their behavior. If so, the Taking Flight with DISC certification was designed with you in mind.

Taking Flight with DISC Certification

This certification will provide you with everything you need to know about leading successful DISC training programs, including:

  • Learning about the history and theoretical foundation of the styles.
  • Interpreting profile graphs.
  • Understanding the four styles and learning how to apply them in everyday situations.
  • Integrating the Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls to deepen the DISC experience.
  • Flexing their style to bridge to others during conflict.
  • Utilizing the Taking Flight with DISC Facilitator Guide and support materials.
  • Facilitating exercises to engage participants.
  • Applying the styles in a variety of settings, including: Coaching, conflict management, leadership development, selling, hiring and team building.

Taking Flight with DISC Brochures

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