The Direct, Assertive and Take-Charge Eagle

The Eagle style is fast-paced and action-oriented. If you’re familiar with the DISC model, Eagles represent the Dominant D. People who embody the Eagle know what they want and are driven to achieve their goals quickly. They are outgoing, confident about their abilities and have no problem telling you what they are thinking. Their self-assurance enables them to take on challenges where they can launch initiatives for bigger and better results.

Like real-life eagles, people with the Eagle style fly high and see the world from 10,000ft. Such heights allow them to explore a vision for the future that breaks the status quo, as they are constrained by what is. The sky is the limit for the Eagle’s ambition. And when they have a goal in mind, they dive in at full speed to get their prey.

At work, Eagles keep us focused and on-track to reach their goals. They excel at overcoming obstacles and tackling the hardest parts of a project. They have a competitive edge that pushes themselves and others to try harder and achieve more. If there is an issue in the workplace, they directly name the elephant in the room and find a solution so it is no longer an impediment to success.

Eagles prefer environments free from constraints, where they can do things their way. They embrace challenges where they can show off their prowess and impress others. They move quickly and decisively, so just point them in the right direction and get out of the way because these daring and bold individuals are on a mission to succeed.

Of course, if we overuse our strengths, they become our challenges. Too much assertiveness can become aggressiveness, being too direct can be seen as abrasive, and having too much confidence can come off as arrogance. As Eagles learn more about themselves, they become more self-aware and better able to keep these behaviors in check.

Are you bold, daring, direct, confident and decisive? If so, you have some of the Eagle style within you.