The Logical, Questioning and Precise Owl

The Owl style is deliberate and precise. If you’re familiar with the DISC model, Owls represent the Conscientious C style. People who exhibit Owl characteristics value quality and live by the motto: If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time. They are logical, systematic, and conscientious. Naturally deep thinkers, Owls are great at complex projects where organization is key to success. As leaders, they make sure processes and systems are clearly defined. If you have ever been impressed by how smoothly something worked, you have been in the presence of an Owl.

Like real-life owls, people with the Owl style have powers of observation that are second to none. And like their avian counterpart, Owls are quiet, observant and keep to themselves. They prefer to work behind the scenes where there is quiet and no one disturbs them in their quest to be thorough and accurate. Owls speak diplomatically and they are often the reality check when ideas are getting emotional.

At work, Owls consider all the details when making decisions, which are made in a data-driven, analytical way.  Owls are masters of troubleshooting. Their attention to detail enables them to ask the hard questions, find flaws, and propose solutions at the root of problems. If you have a project that needs to be done right, Owls have the patience and thoroughness to see it through to an exceedingly high level of quality.

Owls desire environments where rules, boundaries and expectations are clearly defined. They prefer to work with people who appreciate order and planning as much as they do. A reserved, business-like atmosphere allows them to thrive because they value level-headed contemplation. Owls value the opportunity to ask “why” questions and appreciate when they can take their time to perform to their high standards.

Analysis-paralysis is a real thing. When Owls feel like they do not have enough data, they are hesitant to move forward. In their desire to be accurate, Owls will sacrifice deadlines for quality. Since they have exacting standards for themselves, they can be picky and judgmental when others don’t measure up. And too much of an emphasis on logic can be seen as cold and lacking emotion. Fortunately, it just takes a little bit of self-awareness and flexibility and Owls can make quality decisions and accomplish their work in a timely manner.

Are you driven by logic, accuracy and high standards? If so, you probably have some Owl style in you.