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BirdBrains, Inc. Movie

The Ultimate DISC Training Tool

What is BirdBrains, Inc.

BirdBrains, Inc. is the world’s first DISC movie in which people can watch the styles come to life. Can the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl work together to save the day? What will they learn about the styles that can make a difference in all our lives? Watch BirdBrains, Inc. and find out!

This 30-minute film is available for trainers to use in the classroom or for individuals to view independently. Movie-quality puppets represent the styles, and two songs written by Merrick Rosenberg a.k.a. “The Bird Guy” will bring a smile to your face.

If you want to facilitate a session, we make it easy. Learners can view the movie in its entirety or in four 7½-minute segments to allow for debriefs throughout. BirdBrains, Inc. comes with eight activity videos and a closing video led by Merrick Rosenberg. Lead the activities yourself or have Merrick introduce each activity, provide instructions, and share valuable insights to debrief the exercise.

Why did we make a DISC movie?

  • We are visual learners and a movie is the ultimate visual experience.
  • Seeing the DISC styles in action anchors learning.
  • Engaging multiple senses through humor, music, and an engaging story about how the styles work together to solve a crisis generates long-term retention and application.

When To Show The Movie

  • Before Disc training: Introduce the styles during a lunch n’ learn or standalone training program, then follow up with the more intensive styles-based training.
  • During DISC training: Incorporate the film directly into your DISC training programs, such as Take Flight Learning’s Taking Flight with DISC session.
  • After DISC training: Reinforce learning for people who already know the styles.

Training Materials

Utilize the BirdBrains, Inc. Profile with the integrated workbook or use the standalone workbook

Get Certified

Learn how to facilitate a one to three-hour BirdBrains, Inc. session for maximum impact

Meet The Cast





Learn Practical Lessons From BirdBrains, Inc:

Gain the skills to apply the styles in your life like the adaptable Chameleon. Watch the birds in action and learn how to read the styles of others, treat people based on their style not yours, appreciate differences, and use your strengths rather than overuse them.

Download the BirdBrains Inc. Brochure

Theatre-Quality Production

Take Flight Learning partnered with the best in the industry to bring the most high-quality movie to life. Get ready to laugh, sing and see the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl brought to life for the first time.

Monkey Boy Productions crafted the incredible puppets. They have created puppets, props, and creatures for theme parks, stage, television, and movies. Their clients include Sea World, Saturday Night Live, Little Shop of Horrors and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

Big Howl Productions directed and produced the movie. They created animation and puppetry projects for the SyFy Channel, Netflix, and Hasbro.

Grammy-nominated musician, David Young produced the two musical numbers written by Merrick Rosenberg, Personality and Things That Annoy Me.

The Awards Keep Coming!

The IndieFest Film Festival just selected BirdBrains, Inc. as one of the 10 best movies in 2023. The film also received their Award of Excellence in three categories:

  • Film Short
  • Educational/Instructional/Training film
  • Narration/Voiceover Talent.

Global Film Festival Awards

We received more awards from a film festival that received thousands of submissions!

  • Award of Excellence Special Mention. for  Educational / Instructional / Training
  • Award of Excellence for Film Short
  • Award of Excellence for Narration / Voiceover Talent

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