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Team Dynamics

The Team Dynamics training program helps teams understand how the four styles manifest within a team environment. Facilitators will learn how to run training programs grounded in the four styles to help teams create a more inclusive, engaging, and productive environment. Facilitators will learn a variety of activities designed to help individuals consciously create a high-performing team.

Through a meaningful review of how each style creates culture, facilitators will gain the skills to guide teams to capitalize on their strengths and reveal potential blind spots. They will learn what each style needs to attain psychological safety, be engaged, and generate better results.

Facilitators will then learn how to guide the team in reviewing their overall graph that captures the style pattern of the entire group. That graph, along with a Team Grid generated by the group to capture each team member’s style will provide the foundation for discussing the team’s current dynamic.

Facilitators will then build on the team’s new awareness by linking the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles to the classic Stages of Team Development (Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing). They will learn that each style reacts differently at each stage of development. For example, during the Performing stage, Eagles may focus on maintaining progress toward team goals, while Parrots foster a positive and engaging atmosphere. Doves may encourage unity and cohesion as Owls seek adherence to established processes and standards.

For teams that want to dive deeply into their culture, facilitators will learn how to guide the team to create a set of ground rules. Facilitators will help teams explore communication, meetings, risk-taking, innovation, managing change, decision-making, and conflict management.

Facilitators will learn how to lead the Team Dynamics training program to reinforce individual knowledge and skills based on the four styles and help groups become high-performing teams.

The Team Dynamics Facilitator Guide and Team Dynamics PowerPoint Deck provide everything you need to run engaging and impactful Team Dynamics training programs.