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Eagles, Parrots, Doves & Owls: Styles that Stick

Discover our reimagined approach to the classic DISC model. Experience the styles in action in one of five training programs that will help you better understand yourself and others, enhance leadership, manage conflict, drive innovation and generate sales. Get certified to deliver your own training programs or incorporate the styles into your coaching practice. Check out our world-class training programs, profiles and products.

training & Certifications

DISC Programs Based on the Four Birds


The Profiles that Change Everything

We’ve all taken assessments that tell us about ourselves. Take Flight Learning’s profiles are different. The Taking Flight with DISC Profile is where it all begins. Rather than forgettable letters, we describe the styles with the visual symbols of the direct and confident Eagle, the social and enthusiastic Parrot, the empathetic and helpful Dove, and the logical and precise Owl. This profile provides the foundation for understanding one’s self and others. We build this assessment into our Taking Flight with DISC training program and coaching sessions.

But it doesn’t end there. Individual’s can deepen their knowledge of the four styles by continuing their development with the ReDISCovering Conflict Profile and Innovating IDEAs Profile. In addition, the Chameleon Leadership Profile is specifically designed for managers and leaders at all levels. Complete just one assessment to generate all four reports.

More than 10 million people all around the world have already experienced the impact of our assessments.


Impact Your People and Culture

By learning about the Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls, people will increase self-awareness, better understand team dynamics and learn how to interact with others more effectively and compassionately. The bird styles will become a part of each individual’s daily conversations and will get infused into your cultural DNA. The birds will provide a language that sticks for years to come.


What makes us different?

Many people have taken DISC assessments, but fast-forward six months and the styles are a distant memory. Not only are the birds memorable, but also the training based on the four bird styles is engaging and transformative.  Take Flight Learning’s training is brain-friendly, sticky and changes behavior.