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Certification Overview

Perhaps you have been training in DISC for years and are open to fresh activities, new insights, and premium materials to add to your repertoire. Or, maybe you are new to training or new to training with DISC. Becoming certified in the Take Flight Learning DISC programs will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and best practices to facilitate engaging, epiphany-filled DISC training sessions.

The certification process was personally created by Merrick Rosenberg, author of The Chameleon and coauthor of Taking Flight! Merrick has incorporated his 25 years of experience in working with more than 30,000 classroom participants to help you bring the styles to life in your training programs.

Take Flight Learning offers a variety of DISC-based certifications

DISC Certification
BirdBrains, Inc. Certification
Team Dynamics Certification
EQ Certification
Leadership Certification
Sales Training Certification
Conflict Management Certification
Innovation Certification
Coaching Certification