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The Key Benefits of a Taking Flight DISC Certification

The Key Benefits of a Taking Flight DISC Certification

June 3, 2021

Hesitant about taking yet another DISC certification course? Skeptical of whether it’s worth it? Forget what you know about traditional DISC training and immerse yourself in Take Flight Learning’s life-changing approach to teaching the DISC styles.

More Learning in Less Time

Some DISC certification training sessions drag on for days. After several hours of being lectured, participants feel fatigued and the material becomes repetitive and dull.

Take Flight Learning takes a much different approach. Instead of spreading certification out over several days, we give you everything you need to know in the course of a single day. Our rich, informative and engaging approach to learning will keep you energized throughout the training session.

Intuitive Learning That “Clicks”

If you’ve trained in DISC certification before, you might associate the material with abstract information that is difficult to process. You’re not alone: many people find traditional DISC training hard to follow and frequently become confused about what each letter stands for, just a short time after completing a training session.

Take Flight Learning’s approach to DISC is truly revolutionary. By relating each letter and personality style to a vibrant bird character, you’ll understand the four DISC styles right away. Engaging exercises will deepen your intuitive understanding of what is important to each style and how they interact with each other.

Transform the Way You Teach

Take Flight Learning’s enthusiastic, engaging teaching style is contagious. We’re passionate about transforming the way you understand the DISC styles so that you can, in turn, bring that wisdom to your team. Once you understand DISC in a brand-new way, you’ll be more excited about teaching it than you could have ever imagined, and our Taking Flight Facilitator Guide continues to enrich your teaching practices.

A Versatile Investment

No matter where you are in your career, DISC certification is a wise investment. The program is designed to work as well for beginners as it does for seasoned DISC trainers. It can be your introduction to DISC certification or an enhancement of a well-established body of knowledge.

Our innovative approach benefits everyone. Not only will you understand DISC on a deeper level than before, but you will be able to use your new knowledge in a wide range of applications, from mentoring to sales training to team building.

Learn more about becoming a certified DISC training facilitator.

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