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Innovating IDEAs Profile and Participant Guide


The Innovating IDEAS Profile and Participant Guide accompanies the Innovating IDEAs training program and is available for purchase for individuals certified in delivering this program. This booklet integrates the individual’s approach to innovation based on their bird style with training program content for Innovating IDEAs. The booklet contains training program activities and tips for improving innovation based on the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls.

Certification Required


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The Innovating IDEAS Profile and Participant Guide includes both the individual’s innovation style as seen through the eyes of the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls, as well as the participant guide to be used in the Innovating IDEAs training program.

The Innovating IDEAs Profile and Participant Guide provides personalized insights into how their style impacts creativity and innovation as they discover:

  • When their creativity is likely to flow and become inhibited
  • Their approach generating new ideas and bringing them into existence
  • When they experience frustration during the brainstorming and implementation phases
  • How they are perceived during the creative and innovative processes
  • Do’s and don’ts for dealing with each style during an innovation project
  • What each style is likely to overlook when creating and innovating

This training program content follows the four bird styles through two loops of the IDEA model. Participants begin by cycling through the Creativity Loop as Parrots Inspire new ideas, Eagles Define objectives and parameters, Owls Evaluate every aspect of the ideas. Doves Arrange the process with responsibilities and schedules. Then, they flow through the Innovation Loop as Parrots Involve others to get buy-in, Eagles Drive the process toward completion, Owls Examine plans, processes, and actions to ensure quality, and Doves Appreciate individual and team contributions.

The materials also include information on how the four styles can drive organizational innovation. Individuals can take this assessment as a stand-alone profile, or if they have already completed the Taking Flight with DISC profile; their results can be fed directly into this assessment without having to take it again.

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