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Coaching in Style

The Coaching in Style certification teaches coaches how to help their clients step into the power of their personality. Even if you know DISC or another behavioral model, this certification will deepen your knowledge and give you practical skills to apply the styles throughout your coaching process. 

Coaching In Style

Day 1 provides coaches with a deep understanding of the four styles. The Coaching in Style Primer will be a valuable resource for coaches after the certification.

Whether coaches have been utilizing the DISC model for years or are new to the styles, this session will:

  • Provide a foundation for understanding how their own style may be impacting coaching clients.
  • Help coaches learn how to interpret graphs to understand the story they tell about their client.
  • Guide coaches to be able to help their clients to capitalize on strengths and minimize style-based challenges.
  • Teach coaches how to use the styles to increase the emotional intelligence of their clients.
  • Show coaches how to avoid imposing their style on their clients and instead turn their clients into the highest version of themselves rather than the highest version of the coach.

In Day 2 of the Coaching in Style certification, coaches learn how to use the Coaching in Style Playbook to help clients effectively use their personality in everything they do. The Playbook is a workbook that each coaching client can use to help them understand their style and create an action plan. Each of the 16 competencies includes questions to increase awareness of how their bird style is impacting their ability to effectively display that competency, along with tips for each style and action planning questions. The Playbook could become the foundation for 16 weeks of coaching interactions.

On the second day of the certification, coaches will discover how to:

  • Incorporates Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls into the coaching process.
  • Infuse the styles into coaching discussions based on key leadership competencies, including: Increasing self-awareness, team dynamics, conveying vision, clarifying goals, providing feedback, increasing influence, cultivating strong interpersonal relationships, communicating, listening, holding people accountable, managing stress, running inclusive/effective meetings, leading change, and more!
  • Ask insightful questions that increase the self-awareness of their clients.
  • Guide coaching clients to set goals that help them capitalize on the strengths of their style.

The Take Flight Learning Coaching Certification will make your coaching interactions more profoundly impactful.

*International Coaching Federation credits are available for this certification.