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BirdsBrains, Inc.

The BirdBrains, Inc. Certification gives trainers the tools to introduce and debrief the BirdBrains, Inc. in the classroom or asynchronously for indivdiuals. You will learn various ways to share the movie in the classroom (such as within a Taking Flight with DISC training program), as an introduction to the styles (such as in a Lunch N’ Learn), or as a follow-up to DISC training. You will also learn how to use the debrief videos led Merrick Rosenberg a.k.a. The Bird Guy. We will show you how to debrief BirdBrains, Inc. after you show the movie in its entirety or in four 7½-minute segments with debrief discussions throughout.

BirdBrains, Inc. Certification

In this certification, you will learn:

  • Three options for when/how to introduce the movie to your organization
  • Four ways to view the movie
  • How to debrief the movie using 9 debrief videos containing 8 activities and the What? So what? Now what? debrief model
  • How to use the BirdBrains, Inc. Profile and Participant Guide
  • Key lessons learned in the movie that you can help each participant apply in their life
  • How to utilize the Take Flight Learning LMS to show the film

BirdBrains, Inc. Brochure

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