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What Each Style Needs to Accept

What Each Style Needs to Accept

June 3, 2021

We all look at the world through the lens of our own DISC style.

This means that we may need to accept that others handle problems and approach the world differently than we would. And this means that we may need to accept that ‘my way is not the only way.’

Consider what each style may need to accept:

Eagles need to accept that not everyone likes to engage in conflict. Eagles do not take conflict personally. They enjoy the energy of a passionate back and forth debate. Such a ‘discussion’ is invigorating to an Eagle and the best way to vet an idea or decision. However, none of the other styles relishes conflict like Eagles. They need to accept that their blunt candor may do more harm than good when dealing with non-Eagles and may wish to seek alternative strategies for communicating during conflict.

Parrots need to accept that it can’t always be fun. Parrots are energized by positive energy, free-flowing brainstorming sessions, and exciting opportunities. To other styles, such a frenetic atmosphere is either hugely distracting or simply exhausting. Parrot energy can overwhelm styles whose focus is on building systems, maintaining harmony, or focusing on the biggest return on invested time and effort. Toning down their emotional output in favor of planning and ensuring that consistent outcomes are great ways to win the confidence of other styles.

Doves need to accept that it’s ok to say no…out loud. Doves are often concerned that if they express how they really feel about a decision or direction they disagree with, a relationship will be damaged. Doves often underestimate the resilience of relationships. The reality is that not everyone has to get along 100% of the time in order to work effectively. Constructive candor, especially when the Dove’s opinion is likely to improve a situation or prevent a serious problem, is an important aspect of any healthy relationship. Whether it’s saying ‘no’ to an idea that may temporarily set back someone’s feelings, or defending their own boundaries against those who inadvertently (or intentionally) trample over them, Doves will improve their own effectiveness by employing healthy constructive candor in their relationships.

Owls need to accept that it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Owls are committed to completing all of their work at the highest level of quality. This is a noble goal and is worth pursuing. However as the saying goes: if everything is important, then nothing is. The reality in today’s economy is that the speed of change is ever increasing. Whether it’s new products, services, technologies, or market forces, perfecting every process before it can be moved on is often not an option. Innovation requires risks and risk begets mistakes that increase the pace of learning. While this is unsettling for a style that values accuracy and dependability above all else, this is the world we all increasingly live and work in.

When we accept that others have different needs, everyone is more likely accomplish their goals.

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