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DISC Styles and Lying

DISC Styles and Lying

June 3, 2021

When people think about the DISC model of personality, people don’t tend to relate DISC and lying.

Interestingly, they come together in the Wonder Woman character. Confused? Let’s go back to the early 1900s and take a quick look at William Moulton Marston’s contributions to the world. First of all, Marston’s 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People, introduced the DISC styles. He was also the inventor of the first lie detector polygraph. In addition, he was a feminist and created the Wonder Woman comic.

See the connection yet? I’ll spell it out…Marston created the DISC styles and believed in the empowerment of women. So, he created a D style superhero, Wonder Woman. Then he created the lie detector and gave one to Wonder Woman. Remember her lasso of truth? Hence the connection DISC and lying.

Let’s examine the relationship between DISC and lying a little further. (We’ll leave Wonder Woman out of the conversation because she wouldn’t lie.) Our behavior is driven by our DISC style. So, it stands to reason that DISC impacts the reason why each style would tell a lie.

For example:

– D’s (or Eagles in Taking Flight) stretch the truth to get what they want.
After all, the ends justify the means.

– I’s (Parrots) embellish the truth to look good. Plus, it makes for a better story.

– S’s (Doves) tell white lies to protect the feelings of others.
Hey, a white lie doesn’t really hurt anyone, does it?

– C’s (Owls) cover up their mistakes so they don’t look bad. Who would really know anyway?
Think about your style. Do you tell “lies” that reflect your DISC style?

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