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eLearning with Style

The world’s first interactive and animated eLearning course based on the four personality styles

eLearning with Style deepens the learning you gained from Taking Flight with DISC and levels up your ability to apply the four styles more effectively. By gamifying the learning experience with engaging activities and challenging exercises, you’ll reinforce your knowledge of the four styles and discover completely new ways to apply them. This eLearning course will help you improve how you interact with others.

What You Will Achieve:

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Stop struggling and start thriving by transforming workplace and home challenges into opportunities for growth.
  • Advanced People Reading: Elevate your people reading abilities with targeted activities to improve your speed and accuracy in identifying styles.
  • Master Style Recognition: Develop the skill to determine someone’s style from a text, email, or the tone of their voice.
  • Precision Style Recognition: Discover how to spot style combinations and accurately alter your approach to allow for more tailored and effective interactions.
  • Lasting Application of DISC Insights: Embed DISC principles deeply into your professional toolkit with practical exercises designed for enduring retention and real-world application.
  • Unlocking all Eight Engaging Games: “Word Match,” “Bird Watching,” “Which Bird Left the Voicemail?,” “Whose Office?,” “Microflock Teams,” “Strike a Pose,” “The Wild Life of Wildlife,” and “Bird Match”.

Course Features:

Duration: Approximately 1 hour of dynamic, interactive content, accessible anytime to fit your schedule.

Format: Online, featuring a blend of animation and interactivity that builds on the DISC styles with a fresh perspective. Hack your brain’s reward system through gamification, cementing your understanding of the four styles in a fun and memorable way.

Reinforce the foundation laid in the Taking Flight with DISC training program and enhance every interaction.