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DISC Styles

DISC Styles

There are four styles, known by the acronym, DISC

In Taking Flight!, the book coauthored by Take Flight Learning CEO, Merrick Rosenberg, each of the styles is represented with a species of birds that embodies the traits of that style.

  • Dominant: "D" Eagles are daring, decisive, direct, and driven.
  • Interactive: "I" Parrots are imaginative, influential, intuitive and inspirational.
  • Supportive: "S" Doves are sincere, steadfast, sympathetic and satisfied.
  • Conscientious: "C" Owls are cautious, critical, compliant, consistent. 

Learn more about each of the styles and watch every aspect of your life take flight!

DISC BirdsWhat is DISC?

Why Relate four Birds to four DISC Styles?