innovating ideas

Innovating Ideas

The Innovating IDEAs training program utilizes the four styles to help people tap into their natural strengths when generating ideas and bringing them to life. Interactive exercises flow through each phase of the innovative process from the original spark of the idea through final implementation. Teams will discover how to release untapped creative potential by giving each person the opportunity to play a vital role.

Prior to arriving at the full-day Innovating IDEAs session, participants complete the Innovating IDEAs profile that gives them a sense of how they act during an innovation project. Does their Parrot style inspire out-of-the-box ideas and generate energy around supporting them? Or maybe their Eagle style drives big picture ideas and keeps people on-track to bring them to fruition. The profile may reveal that their Owl style focuses on poking holes in ideas to ensure that they are well-conceived. Or perhaps their Dove style ensures that roles and timelines are identified and people receive praise for their contributions.

This session follows the four bird styles through two loops of the IDEA model. Creativity relates to the inner world of imagination, while innovation relates to the outer world of implementation. Participants discover how they both think about and act during the process and they start by cycling through the Creativity Loop as Parrots Inspire new ideas, Eagles Define objectives and parameters, Owls Evaluate every aspect of the ideas and Doves Arrange the process with responsibilities and schedules. Then, the participants flow through the Innovation Loop as Parrots Involve others to gain buy-in, Eagles Drive the process toward completion, Owls Examine plans, processes and actions to ensure quality and Doves Appreciate individual and team contributions.

The session also relates the four styles to ten types of organizational innovation, such as process, cultural and business model innovation. If the group is an intact team or department, they will work through a real-life challenge by applying the styles in both the creative and innovative stages of the process.

Innovating IDEAs
infuses personality into the most fundamental aspects of ensuring an organization’s long-term relevance and sustainability.

Key Outcomes:

The Innovating IDEAs training program provides the skills & insights to:

  • Harness the power of personality to bring ideas to life
  • Identify the roles individuals are drawn to play as they drive creativity and innovation
  • Discover a process that promotes new ideas and transforms them into reality
  • Capitalize on individual strengths to create team synergy while generating and implementing new ideas
  • Unleash the innovative power of your team and organization, while avoiding the pitfalls that stop ideas in their tracks
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