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Welcome to Take Flight Learning! Prepare to be amazed with our reimagined, innovative approach to the DISC model. This website is designed to help anyone interested in the DISC styles, for those who want to learn more about personality and communication, to corporate groups looking to provide a valuable training experience, and distributors looking to use our world-class materials to enhance their own programs. Take Flight Learning invites you to explore our programs and products so you can watch your very own communication skills Take Flight.

Based on the widely acclaimed book Taking Flight!, we have redefined the DISC world with a brand new approach that is more brain friendly, memorable, and applicable in practical settings than has ever been seen before.

Explore our training sessions that can bring this valuable communication skill to your entire team, or our keynote sessions that can introduce this concept to large groups of your entire company.

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DISC & Communication Styles

Check out our video section that walks you through the four personality styles. Here you can also see excerpts from our keynote presentations and get some DISC wisdom on how using the four styles can help you improve your communication skills to enhance any relationship.

Our world-class training materials are coveted by distributors all over the globe. They fully embrace the power of the birds to bring the world of DISC into vibrant color and enthrall participants with their truly interactive and engaging activities.

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We offer several disc certification sessions throughout the year in various cities in the United States. You can use this to enhance your personal portfolio of DISC training, or become one of our Affiliates and distributors.

You can even complete your very own DISC assessment through our website. You’ll receive a 36-page, full-color report filled with useful information about your style, how your style communicates with other styles, how to capitalize on your strengths, what areas to target for improvement, and many other ways to apply DISC to help improve your career, your relationships and your life.

With over 20 years’ experience with tens of thousands of participants and distributors all over the world, we want to share our experience with you to let your personality style Take Flight!