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Kerry Bayles

Kerry Bayles leads personality styles training programs, team building events, and delivers keynote talks across the United States and around the world.  She is master certified in the DISC model, which she has used since 1994 to help people understand others and communicate effectively.  Her sessions engage audiences and teach people about themselves and others in a way that is memorable, practical, and fun.   

As Vice President of Learning and Development with Take Flight Learning, Kerry has helped create several personality style-themed training programs and team-building programs.  She is the lead trainer for Take Flight Learning DISC certifications.  Her passion to constantly push the DISC model to the next level and share the styles with the world has impacted tens of thousands of people. Kerry has worked with clients that include Pepsi, TD Bank, Temple University, the FDA, Circle K, Godiva, Estee Lauder, GE, Johnson & Johnson, The World Bank, The Philadelphia Eagles and many, many more. 

Kerry’s dedication to self-improvement (hers and yours!) comes through in everything she does. From her beginnings as a teacher of history and psychology at the high school and college levels, through her Master’s degree in Education, to her second-degree Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate, to her continual development of new courses and training programs, you’ll find her energy and enthusiasm contagious. 

Kerry Bayles – Trainer of Trainers

Kerry is our Master Trainer who teaches all of the following Take Flight Certifications:

selling, sales, certification
leadership, certification
EQ Certification Seal