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User’s Guide for Working with Me


If you bought an electronic item, it would come with a user’s guide. Wouldn’t it be great if your co-workers came with one? Now they do. Utilize your Taking Flight with DISC Profile to help complete the User’s Guide for Working with Me, which can be shared with co-workers to tell them how to best work with you.



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Ever wish you had an easy-to-follow manual for working with your colleagues? Now you do. The User’s Guide for Working with Me is a fun and insightful way to teach others how best to work with you. By completing questions, such as, “To be successful, the one thing I need most from others is _____,” the guide gives your co-workers a blueprint for a positive, and productive working relationship based on your needs.

Utilize the guide as a team building activity to help team members get to know each other better. Each team member completes their User’s Guide for Working with Me and shares what they need in the workplace. And when new people join the team, they can read each person’s guide to jumpstart the relationship.

Each topic in the guide is linked to a section in the Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide.


The User’s Guide for Working with Me helps participants summarize how they communicate and how they react to stress, change, and conflict. It makes direct connections to the Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide and each individual’s Taking Flight with DISC Profile. This guide is designed to be read by co-workers to help improve interpersonal interactions and team dynamics.

Technical Specs:

  • 4 pages + front and back covers.
  • 4.25″ x 5.5″, printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, centerfold, center staples. Full color.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 in

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