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ReDISCovering Conflict Participant Guide


The ReDISCovering Conflict Participant Guide is an integral part of the ReDISCovering Conflict training program. The participant guide can be purchased by trainers certified in this program and helps participants turn conflict into a constructive force to build relationships.

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In the ReDISCovering Conflict training program, individuals learn how their style impacts how they manage conflict. Based on Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls, this program explores conflict in a revolutionary new approach.

The ReDISCovering Conflict Participant Guide allows certified trainers to lead activities and discussions based on the information in the guide. The program begins by gaining an understanding how style impacts conflict management. Participants learn why the four styles avoid conflict and what each style brings to a team when they engage in constructive conflict. They discover the various traps that each style falls into and what to do about it. In addition, they learn about stress response during conflict and how to flex to people of different styles when engaging in conflict.

The participant guide contains activities and discussion questions related to the Chameleon Conflict Model, which teaches them how to manage organizational conflict. The four types of conflict (based on the four styles) include conflict based on goals, process, values, and relationships.

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