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Chameleon Leadership Profile


The Chameleon Leadership Profile offers deep insight into how a leader’s style influences their success. Based on the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles, the profile was designed to be used in conjunction with Take Flight Learning’s Chameleon Leadership training program or to be built into a coaching process by a coach certified in Coaching in Style.



Special Instructions: You will be contacted within 1 business day to complete the assessment process. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

The Chameleon Leadership Profile is a comprehensive DISC-based leadership profile. Instead of the typical leadership report filled with boilerplate information about the styles, this report is filled with personalized insights that can benefit anyone who leads people.

The profile provides background information on the four styles and explains how the styles can be used by leaders. Each of the following areas includes personalized content of how the leader shines in each competency and how they might react when displaying these skills under stress:

  • Communicating to staff
  • Conveying vision
  • Listening
  • Running inclusive meetings
  • Delegating
  • Providing feedback
  • Coaching and holding people accountable
  • Engaging the team
  • Creating culture

Each of the above competencies also includes an action planning component to guide leaders to develop those aspects of their leadership skills. To close out the report, a detailed section about what each style looks like when strengths are overused helps to guide action planning.

Individuals can take this assessment as a stand-alone profile or if they have already completed the Taking Flight with DISC profile; their results can be fed directly into this assessment without having to take it again.

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