The Taking Flight with DISC Profile

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Assessment Overview

Interior of the Taking Flight with DISC Profile

The Taking Flight with DISC Profile is the first step in breathing new life into the age-old DISC model. No more stuffy reports filled with psychological jargon and stock photographic images of people in the workplace. Our statistically valid and reliable report beautifully captures an individual’s behavioral style in a format that is attractive, user-friendly and applicable.

Given that 65% of people are visual learners, the Taking Flight with DISC Profile is designed to provide visual ques to help people remember their style. It is far more intuitive and easier to remember that an Eagle is results driven and confident, as compared to “The D Style”. With birds being pictured through the report, individuals can relate themselves to concrete behaviors and actions that will help them be more effective. The validation study included an impressive 28,200 people and more than 10 million have taken the assessment based on the algorithm in the Taking Flight with DISC Profile.

The profile offers behavioral insights to help increase self-awareness and improve how individuals relate to others. Instead of using letters to symbolize the styles, the report utilizes birds that embody the energy of each style.

In addition to specific information about the individual, the report provides deep insight into the characteristics of each of the styles. Regardless of the individual’s personal assessment results, the profile will educate the reader about Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls.
The report also contains valuable information about how to flex to the needs of others, how to communicate to each of the styles and how each of the styles responds in a variety of situations. At the end of the report, individuals are provided with specific questions that help them to create an action plan for improvement.

Assessment Format

DISC profile graph

The DISC assessment contains 24 questions. Each survey item presents four behavioral adjectives from which the respondent must select the adjective that MOST describes him or herself, as well as the adjective that is least accurate. At the end of the assessment, there are 6 additional tie-breaker questions that are used when the two strongest styles are equal.

Like all DISC instruments, this assessment has an ipsative, forced-choice design. Ipsative means that the profile contains a self-report inventory that measures traits as individuals perceive those qualities within themselves. The respondent must choose one trait at the exclusion of the others. The success of all self-report instruments depends on the candor, honesty and insight of the respondent.

Flight System: The Assessment Platform

Reports Include

Flight System, our proprietary online dashboard, is easy-to-use, mobile optimized and delivers reports to users within seconds of completing the assessment. As the administrator of your account, you will be able to order your assessments directly from the online dashboard and you will have instant access to all purchased profiles and completed reports. You can create your own links and launch your assessments at your leisure. Keep up to date with completion notices or have reports emailed directly to you as individuals complete the surveys. You can also print group reports within minutes.

Reports can either be downloaded instantly or printed by the survey administrator for inclusion in a training program or coaching session. The Flight System dashboard contains a database which automatically stores every report for easy retrieval and additional subsequent analysis.

Profile Completion

The front-end user experience for survey respondents is simple and intuitive. Individuals receive a link to complete their profile directly from you. They can take the assessment on any internet-based device, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

The Taking Flight with DISC Profile takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. Because our assessments are relied upon professionally by the US Government, Fortune 500 companies and professional coaches, completion rate is near 98.9%.

Personalizing Your Report and the User Interface

Custom DISC profile

Take Flight Learning can customize your profile by placing your logo on the front cover. Your company name, phone number and website will appear in the footer of the report. In terms of the user interface, your logo can appear on the top of the assessment website for all respondents to see. Registration confirmation emails and reminders will have your contact information as the signature.

Flight Support

Flight Support

If you do not have the time or resources to administer your Taking Flight with DISC profiles, Take Flight Learning can administer your assessments for you. While you will still retain full access to the Flight System dashboard, Take Flight Learning will handle all administration including running assessments, providing status updates, printing the reports and even shipping all of your training materials directly to your training location just in time for your program. Take Flight Learning Doves are ready to help.
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