Overview of the Supportive Style

Those with a Supportive style are driven by an inner need for stability. As such, they seek harmony in all relationships and avoid conflict at nearly all costs. They are collaborative and work well with others. S's have built psychological safety around the status quo. They avoid risk-taking and will only be comfortable with the unknown if others have agreed to go down the same path together.


S's are great listeners and are always willing to help others work through problems. They are like the mortar that holds a brick building together: They are reliable, consistent, and stable. S's don?t make waves and tend to mediate conflict to return things back to equilibrium.

Optimal environment

S's prefer calm and stable work environments. They like to work with people who are sensitive and respectful to the needs of others.

Needs others who

S's are comfortable with others who take charge, especially during a crisis. Because S's focus methodically on the tasks at hand, they can benefit from others who excel with larger, strategic issues.


S's dislike when people are domineering or overly blunt. They fear being taken advantage of and dislike radical or continuous change.

Under stress

When things get unbalanced, S's provide a calming influence, though internally, they may be experiencing stress. S's want to support others and often have an aversion to simply saying, ?No.? This can cause them to become overburdened, as they prioritize the needs of others over their own. In overuse can be perceived as passive, dependent, complacent, fearful

Development opportunities

S's may increase their effectiveness by acting more assertively to get their point of view across. While they tend accommodate the needs of others and keep the people around them happy, they can become resentful if they?re own needs are consistently overlooked by others.

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