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Team Dynamics Report


The Team Dynamics Report provides a group summary for a team of people who have completed the Taking Flight with DISC Profile. After your team completes the assessment, you can receive information your culture and effectiveness. Utilize the report to follow-up your Taking Flight with DISC session, evaluate the team dynamics, and create an action plan for improvement.

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The Team Dynamics Report provides deep insight into how style impacts teamwork, culture, and group effectiveness. The report can be used in the session or as a follow-up to reinforce the learning of the four styles and apply them to team dynamics. The report can also be used when forming project teams, as a way of introducing the team to new members, or to reveal gaps when seeking to hire new individuals.

The report includes:

  • Culture and style:
    • A description of organizational culture by style
    • An overview of the ideal work environment for each style
    • Strengths and challenges of an Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl team
    • A description of how a culture based on each style communicates, makes decisions, runs meeting, takes risks, innovates, manages change, rewards staff, handles stress, manages conflict and more…
    • An explanation of what a team would look like if they had only one style or if the team were missing one of the styles


  • Information about your team
    • An overall team graph that represents the average graph of your entire team
    • A tally of the total number of Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls within your team
    • A list of all team members and their style


  • A one-pager for each team member that includes:
    • Their graph and bird style
    • A description of their motivators, needs, desired environment, and dos and don’ts for communicating with that person


  • Team action planning guide
    • 8 team-based action planning questions that help the group to tap into the power of the four styles.

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