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Chameleon Selling Participant Guide


The Chameleon Selling Participant Guide is the workbook for the Chameleon Selling training program. Certified trainers in this program utilize this participant guide to participate in activities, capture notes, and create an action plan while participating in Chameleon Selling.

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The Chameleon Selling Participant Guide is utilized in the Chameleon Selling training program and it’s not your typical sales workbook. The guide will help individuals learn how to incorporate the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles throughout the sales process, from building rapport to maintaining the relationship after the sale.

The guide will help participants in Chameleon Selling read the styles of others, apply the ADAPT Model for increasing sales, and flex to customers in the way they sell people of different styles. The Chameleon Selling Participant Guide provides information for various selling situations: selling with co-workers, creating a pitch to all four styles, selling to a prospect’s corporate culture based on the birds, and adapting to someone’s styles when speaking with people in various roles (including the connector, gatekeeper, advocate, decision-maker, and user).

Building off the style-wisdom gained in the Taking Flight with DISC training program, Chameleon Selling challenges participants to reconsider how they interact with prospective customers.

The Chameleon Selling Participant Guide also includes four reinforcement activities that can be self-facilitated by the team, including 5 Prospects, Emailing in Style, Most Annoying Customer, and They See Me Rolin’.

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