Overview of the Interactive Style

Interactive styles are enthusiastic, motivational, and influential. They are optimists who add positive energy to everything they do. I's are very social, though their favorite topic of conversation tends to be themselves! They are quick to share a personal story, have a good laugh, and motivate others when they are down.


The I's positive outlook plays a key role in boosting morale and providing levity to stressful team situations. They always seem to be bursting with new and creative ways to approach projects. And while these ideas may not be well-thought out, they often spark related innovations that lead to creative solutions. I's make great change agents, as they embrace the unknown and enthusiastically generate support for new processes.

Optimal environment

I's thrive in less formal environments in which they can interact freely with others. They like working in teams and contribute copious amounts of positive energy and optimism.

Needs others who

I's need others who can focus on the details and think things through. While I's like freedom from structure, they need others who make sure that processes are adhered to.


I's dislike negativity and conflict, but they will mobilize themselves and others to fight against injustice. They tend to be uncomfortable in environments that are stuffy and overly formal.

Under stress

I's tend to deflect stress with humor. They can overuse their social abilities, causing time management to be a challenge. In overuse, can be perceived as excitable, unrealistic, self-absorbed, careless

Development opportunities

I's need to recognize the importance of working within existing boundaries. I's may need to pay more careful attention to detail and deadlines.

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