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Higher Education

If there’s one thing schools can teach students that would help them lead happy and productive lives – it’s themselves.

Higher Education
The most successful students are the most self-aware students. When they understand themselves, they position themselves for success by capitalizing on their strengths and identifying areas for growth. When entering a new situation in life, whether it is higher education or graduating into the professional world, they now have the tools to recognize what will energize them and what will take some work to get better.

However, that is just one side of the coin! As students go through the college experience and into their careers, they will encounter all different types of personalities that they need to learn to work well with and adapt to. The crucial aspect of self-awareness is that by being aware of our natural tendencies, we are using this knowledge to become more flexible individuals.

Take Flight Learning has created a multi-pronged approach to the personality styles training world in a unique, memorable way. Students will learn how to understand themselves, read the personality styles of others, and become flexible to build strong relationships...and it’s going to involve birds.

Unlike the traditional personality styles training where individuals get a list of letters, colors, or words that stand for different characteristics, we use symbolism that makes it brain friendly and sticky – because if it isn’t memorable, how can you be expected to use it? Based on the DISC Model, we’ve reimagined the styles using the Dominant Eagle, Interactive Parrot, Supportive Dove, and Conscientious Owl. They are visual, symbolic images, and most importantly, people don’t forget them. This is what takes it from a personality assessment, to an impactful experience that will shape your students’ behavior for life.

The learning begins with the Taking Flight with DISC profile, training program and the Student Edition of The Chameleon: Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does by Merrick Rosenberg. We can assure you that neither your students or employees have experienced a training like this before. You will be amazed at how quickly individuals adopt the birds into their everyday vocabulary, and the activity based, interactive training will leave lasting impressions as participants experience first-hand how differently the styles think.

Key Outcomes:

How Can Taking Flight with DISC Impact Your Institution?

  • Infuse the birds into New Student Orientation programs, giving students greater self-awareness and the skills to adapt to new situations and relationships
  • Help students consider their personality style as they choose a major and a career path
  • Integrate Taking Flight with DISC into course curricula to give students the skills they need to excel, both in the classroom and into their careers
  • Create a more engaged and connected campus by training staff and faculty
  • Introduce The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does (Student edition) by Merrick Rosenberg as the Common Reading book for incoming freshman to give them the tools for success before they even step on campus

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