For years, Take Flight Learning staff regularly heard, “DISC, oh yeah, I did that.” But when asked the follow-up question, “Are you using the styles on a regular basis?” nearly one-hundred percent of respondents said, “No.”

This prompted Take Flight Learning to reexamine every aspect of DISC training from the letters themselves to the training methodology to follow-up and reinforcement. By creating a DISC ecosystem around the four styles, Take Flight Learning reinvented the way people learn and apply the styles.

Why birds instead of letters?

Merrick Rosenberg linked the four DISC styles to four birds in his books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon. By linking Eagles to the Dominant (D) style, Parrots to the Interactive (I) style, Doves to the Supportive (S) style and Owls to the Conscientious (C) style, people remember the styles like never before. Since 65% of the population are visual learners, the colorful, visual nature of the birds brings the styles to life.

If people are going to apply the styles, they have to remember them!No longer do people need to memorize empty letters, as the birds are intuitive and memorable. A year from now, people are unlikely to recall the characteristics of the D, let alone remember what it stands for. But since it is intuitive that the Eagle is confident, take charge and assertive, they will still be able to apply style wisdom in their daily interactions.

Quite simply, the birds aresticky and allows participants to instantly connect with what they represent and remember them for the long-term application.

What is the impact of Taking Flight Learning’s DISC Training?

We all know that self-aware employees are more likely to maximize their talents, navigate challenges, and produce better results than those who lack self-awareness. These individuals work better with their colleagues and promote teamwork at every level of the organization. In return, their companies experience higher engagement, lower turnover, and better results.Studies repeatedly reveal that the most self-aware people are the most successful people. Take Flight Learning makes self-awareness easy.

Besides the birds, what makes this DISC training program different?

Most DISC sessions generate a high level of excitement because if there's one topic people like to learn about - it’s themselves. But the big question three months later is, “Did the DISC training change behavior?” And maybe more importantly, “Did the training generate a good return-on-investment for the organization?”

Most DISC training programs are designed to teach people the DISC model and help them understand their report and their personality. They do not, however, create new behaviors that help individuals build stronger relationships and drive better results.

Instead of focusing on letters, the Taking Flight Learning DISC training programs target the development of new skills. We focus on application, not on a model that will soon be forgotten. Our suite of training programs buildsupon key skills needed in the workplace, such as: communicating effectively, providing meaningful feedback, managing conflict, driving innovation, maximizing sales and leaders others. By building on existing knowledge, we utilize a brain-friendly approach to learning that makes new insights immediately accessible in the moment they are needed.

There’s an expression in neuroscience: what wires together fires together. The Taking Flight Learning training programs wire the four styles to existing knowledge and thus, they fire at just the right moment.
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