Overview of the Conscientious Style

The Conscientious style is detail-oriented, logical and has a strong need for accuracy. For C's, if it's not going to be right, it's not worth doing. They need to understand the logic behind decisions and ask many, Why??? and What if questions. When dealing with people, they can be quite objective and diplomatic.


C's generate high-quality work and expect the same of others. They tend to create and adhere to standard processes. They thoroughly think things through and make sure those decisions or changes are well-conceived.

Optimal environment

C's thrive in structured environments with predefined standards and expectations. They like to work independently and don?t like to be bothered by chatty co-workers.

Needs others who

C's need others who will respect and respond to their need for data and processes. They also need others who can see the big-picture, as C's sometimes get overly caught up in minutiae.


C's dislike highly improvisational environments where rules and processes are not valued. C's like to be in full command of everything they do. Settings in which C's lack the ability to control data collection and analysis will lead to great stress for them.

Under stress

Under stress, C's can get caught up in analysis paralysis. They need too much information to make a decision and thus, take too long to act. C's tend to internalize stress, which keeps others from providing help in the form of prioritizing and out of the box problem solving. In overuse can be perceived as critical, pessimistic, detached, and worrisome

Development opportunities

C's need to accept that perfection is not always possible or optimal, and that the big picture can be as important as the details. They also need to recognize that building relationships is critical to maintaining high-quality standards.

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