Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership teaches current and future leaders how to flexibly adapt to the needs of their direct reports. This one-day session takes existing skills to the next level by linking the four personality styles (Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls) to a range of core leadership skills.

Managers will quickly discover that in all likelihood they have been creating an environment in which they themselves will thrive instead of an environment in which their people will thrive. Without realizing it, leaders regularly impose their personality style on their staff. Traditional leadership training ignores this reality and typically espouses a one-size-fits-all approach to leading others.

Since the most successful leaders are the most adaptable leaders, Chameleon Leadership teaches managers how to adapt to the people who report to them.

Picture a decisive Eagle manager who assertively drives for bottom-line results. This Eagle communicates candidly and succinctly. There’s no time for small-talk when there’s work to be done! Now imagine a soft-spoken Dove reporting to this Eagle. The Dove may feel like the manager lacks compassion and only cares about the work and not the people. You probably already know that the number one reason people leave their organizations is their manager. By contrast, Chameleon Leaders not only get superior results, they engender loyalty, trust and commitment.

Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership includes:

Transcending the Classic Manager/Leader Paradigm: They will discover the importance of incorporating style flexibility into their management and leadership skill sets to become The Chameleon Leader.

Communicating & Listening: Participants will discover how to incorporate the four styles throughout every aspect of communication, including: sharing information, listening to their staff, inspiring a common vision, motivating others and creating an engaging environment.

Leading Inclusive Meetings: Chameleon Leaders will learn how to engage Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls so that meetings are inclusive, synergistic and productive.

Delegating for Results: By experiencing delegation in action, leaders will discover the importance of flexing to their direct report’s style when assigning work.

Providing Meaningful Feedback: Participants will engage in a feedback activity that will transform how they grow staff members of every style.

Engaging the Team: Participants will discover the power and implication of infusing the four styles in their efforts to increase performance and satisfaction..

Coaching & Questioning: By learning how to ask style-focused questions, Chameleon Leaders can take their direct reports to the next heights.

The Heroic Leader: By learning how to employ Chameleon Leadership skills, managers will learn how to enable and empower their staff members without having to rescue them during challenging times.

Key learning:

Chameleon Leadership helps current and future leaders to:
  • Link the four styles (Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls) to fundamental management and leadership skills
  • Apply the four styles to listening and communicating more effectively
  • Improve the effectiveness of meetings by increasing involvement based on the styles
  • Increase the level of engagement by targeting style-based needs
  • Delegate in a way that respects the style of the person doing the work
  • Reinforce and redirect behavior through positive and constructive feedback based on the style of the recipient
  • Reduce reliance on being the Heroic Leader by enabling and empowering staff members in a way that resonates with their natural style
  • Create an action plan to help managers become Chameleon Leaders
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