The Chameleon

Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does

This Book Teaches Powerful Lessons About the Most Interesting Topic of All — YOU! Laugh and learn through twenty-two entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your lifestory. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, four unassuming birds play the roles of the personality styles. The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new heights of understanding yourself.

Taking Flight!

Taking Flight!: Master the DISC Styles to Transform your Career, Your Relationships… Your Life

This book is a business fable that features a diverse group of birds confronted with a race against time to save their homes from impending disaster. Suddenly forced to work together, the birds must decipher the four DISC styles to bring out their best and solve the crisis.

Join an Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl on their enlightening journey as you learn to:

  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Deepen your most important relationships
  • Enhance your career
  • Live a more fulfilling life

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The Chameleon Book Discussion Guide


Download The Chameleon Book Discussion Guide for a fun and interactive resource to review and engage the book with others!

"Rosenberg is a master storyteller who shows us how to mindfully create positive interactions through a delightful series of fables. This book will help you unlock your greatest potential and bring happiness into your life."

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage

Merrick Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Take Flight Learning. He has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and is the leading authority on the DISC personality styles.


This book brings the DISC Behavioral Styles to life-- I highly recommend it!

I enjoyed the author's previous book, TAKING FLIGHT!, but I enjoyed THE CHAMELEON even more. Both books bring the DISC Behavioral Styles to life through the use of fables, but the addition of the chameleon character in this latest book adds a powerful new "voice" to the mix which brings further clarity to the lessons being taught. I especially liked the "Chameleon Wisdom" section after each fable which summarized the main points and provided additional insight. If you would like to improve your interactions with the people you come in contact with---this is your book! I highly recommend it!

By Donald E Franceschi
A book for all types

This book takes profound lessons and compresses them into what you can call "light reading". You will be taken through a little over 20 fables that each demonstrate a core lesson followed by a short explanation of the lesson. The sum total of all the fables will increase your understanding of the four styles and how to use them in real life.That is much harder to do than one might think, and you really need to check out how the author does this. Going through the book is fun! Those who habitually read books on personality and self-discovery, like I do, understand that it is often slow going because the text is usually dense and requires heavy concentration. By contrast, this book is like sneaking a nutritious vegetable into a yummy chocolate cake without anyone knowing it is there.When read along with Taking Flight, the author's first book, you really feel like you can grasp the concepts. It is one thing to be able to list and understand the different personality styles intellectually, but that emotional *click* is what will make the information stick. With these fables, you get to see the styles in action and then recall times in your own life when you felt the same way. I can recall many times while reading this book where I had similar cases happen to me. Often I would laugh, because many of the conversations with the mentor in the book were similar to my own mentor in real life. "Yep, I remember that phone call!", was often what made me laugh while reading this book. That kind of experience makes the connection and produces the learning in you.As you go through the fables and start to understand the "game" of categorizing and predicting the actions of the book's characters before the answers are given at the end, you gain a skill readily applied to others. In essence, you start to see birds everywhere: That person is an Eagle. that person is an Owl, and so on. Once you have this ability to categorize and understand people, you can create a process for approaching them, and this is relevant to many aspects of daily life: sales, marketing, talking to your kids, etc.Now matter what style you are, this book has something for everyone.

By J. Simon
Understand yourself and others

Another great offering from the author of Taking Flight. This book builds on the ideas in Taking Flight, and deepened my understanding of human personality, relationship, and motivation. I found that I was immediately applying insights from the book in my daily life.If you want to have better relationships, a better understanding of yourself and others, and be more effective in the workplace, I highly recommend this book. Reading the author's previous book, "Taking Flight" is not required to enjoy "The Chameleon", but I'd recommend reading it first.

By Jerzejo
Great book to gain a better understand of DISC & how DISC can make a difference in both your work & personal life.

For anyone wanting to learn more about the DISC styles, this would be a great read for you (along with the book Taking Flight). DISC has been around since 1928, but The Chameleon gives you a new and very memorable way of looking at the Disc styles by using 22 fables (along with the birds and chameleon) to help you understand and gain insight on the DISC personality styles. Learn about yours and others strengths, and how any strength taken to extreme is a weakness.

By Kim
He Hit the Nail on the Head!

Eerie how accurately this book depicted some of my work and personal interactions! I could easily identify with my representative character (Ivory the Parrot), specifically with my interactions with 'Owls'. The Fables instantly recalled times in work meetings, or in the grocery store with my spouse, when seeing an issue through THEIR eyes could give the self-awareness to leverage our strengths or diffuse conflict. 2 parts that stuck out were 'The Sparrow's Nest' and 'The Summer Festival'. Highly recommend the book, especially as a compliment to facilitated DISC training from Take Flight.

By James
BEST book out there on personalities, DiSC, and human connections

The Chameleon is the book I had been looking for ever since I became interested and later certified through my DiSC coach to teach and train on DiSC personality styles. And now this book is my #1 go-to reference on all things DiSC.As soon as the author introduced the four birds - eagle, owl, dove and parrot - and started to explore the differences of each in a way that truly makes them shine, to say nothing of the brilliant humor and story-telling style of this book, I was hooked. I remember I was first reading it at 5am and expected nothing much from the book until the birds showed up. I stood up erect hugging my Kindle for finally discovering a more memorable approach to speaking about DiSC!!!I have already recommended the books to clients and am using the ideas - with full credit to the author - in some of my training. Now that I’ve read this fantastic book cover to cover, I can’t get the birds out of my mind and I must say that this book gave me the truly deeper understanding of DiSC, something that a lot of theoretical and unfortunately dry training cannot do.The book is written like a wonderful fable and it would, in fact, make a great educational film. The Chameleon is the Yoda, so to speak, and the birds are the eternal students, representing us the humans in the constant struggle of getting along, understanding others, getting what we want, and discovering our own true selves. The 4 birds, representing the 4 major DiSC styles, are not just a “cute” way to talk about DiSC. They are remarkably accurate and a brilliant way to break down DiSC, to go deeper into personality styles and natural tendencies and to uncover the mystery of how to get along with just about anyone and to learn and grow much in the process.What I most enjoyed about the book was how much I could relate to every single scenario both in my professional and personal life. I would often pause while reading this book to turn to my husband and give him an apology for things here and there that happened many years ago, because even if we got over it and made up, I never truly understood why I behave a certain way and as importantly, why he behaved how he did. My DiSC training shed some light on this but The Chameleon gave me the entire full picture in glowing details and in remarkable accuracy.This is a fantastic book to keep in your library, to share with clients and customers, to use to improve upon your personal and workplace relationships and to help you become a far better human being than you ever imagine yourself to be.Some favorite quotes:“We judge ourselves by our intentions and other by their impact.”“There are many ways to reach a destination and the path we take most reflects who we are.”“Treat others how you want to be treated when it comes to virtues such as kindness, respect, and fairness but treat others how THEY want to be treated when it comes to sharing information, providing instructions or offering praise and feedback.”

By Farnoosh Brock
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