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Team Training

DISC Training for Teams

Teams and DISC

This session enables team members to harness the power of behavioral style awareness in fostering effective teamwork.  Each person will complete his or her own behavioral profile and receive a group report that describes overall team strengths and potential blind spots. What emerges is how your team is likely to handle team dynamics like deadline pressure, risk taking, time management, delegation, and stress.

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Perhaps your team configuration is strong on strategy and vision, but lack behavioral styles who focus on processes and systems that ensure results. Maybe your team excels at execution, but lacks the communication skills to ensure other parts of the organization are aware and capitalizing on your success.

Through dynamic interactive exercises, participants experience their styles as they play-out in a variety of team situations, and have the opportunity to adjust behaviors to improve individual and team effectiveness. Fun, powerful, and immediately applicable in the workplace, this program provides the foundation for building trust and achieving high performance.

The session will help team members

  • Build trust and respect between individuals
  • Understand individual behavior and its impact on personal and group productivity and morale
  • Improve communication by breaking down communication barriers
  • Adapt behaviors based on the individuals they are working with
  • Agree on the key challenges that inhibit optimal team performance