Dorian (Dominant)

Leader Training

DISC Training for Leaders

No matter what your business objective, the foundation of effective leadership is grounded in understanding oneself, recognizing how your particular style impacts others, and bridging the two to achieve shared results. 

Taking Flight! utilizes the DISC Model to reveal a profile of each leader's behavior. Beyond simply understanding styles, this engaging session takes participants through many aspects of enhancing performance improvement: How do each of the styles respond under stress, to taking risks and managing conflict? How can tweaking your listening, delegation, and feedback skills accelerate effective communication and drive outstanding team performance? 

Through dynamic interactive exercises, participants experience their styles as they play-out in a variety of situations, and have the opportunity to adjust behaviors to improve their own leadership skills. Participants will discover the hidden genius of each DISC style and how they can best be utilized from a leadership perspective.  Learning how to adapt to the right style and the right time with the right person – all without sacrificing one’s own perspective, will reveal new and effective strategies for handling a wide range of situations. These simple but profound behavioral shifts have the power to transform individual and team performance.

The session empowers leaders to

  • Understand the behavioral styles of self and others
  • Discover how one's own behavior impacts personal and group success
  • Identify ways to adapt behavior to the person and the situation
  • Improve team communication and morale
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Create strategies to improve relationships and performance