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Keynote Speaking by Merrick Rosenberg

What if you held in your hand the instruction manual for your boss and co-workers? Imagine if this secret code could predict how people will behave in a wide range of situations, including how they react to you? What if this system not only demystified why you click with some and clank with others, but also revealed work environments where you will likely thrive?

Such a framework exists through a simple four-style model of behavior known as DISC. It’s hidden in everything we do and it may just be the most powerful tool you ever learn to maximize your potential and influence others.

In our work with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, we have seen how understanding and applying the DISC styles releases our highest potential. We have watched mediocre managers evolve into leaders…teams mired in conflict resolve years of pent-up stress…floundering salespeople transform into superstars… and countless careers revitalized and redirected by individuals who have learned how to fully leverage their natural gifts.


Entertaining story examples from more than twenty years of working with organizations with people at all levels in countless industries will bring important insights to life. This session will be highly engaging, even for very large audiences. Attendees will either discover the DISC behavioral model for the first time, or appreciate it in a whole new light as a tool for driving performance.

Key learning points
Participants will:

  1. Discover the four styles that change the way people interact
  2. Gain the ability to quickly and accurately read people’s styles in any setting
  3. Discover how the Golden Rule can sometimes do more harm than good
  4. Gain four powerful ways to influence anyone by using the behavioral styles
  5. Understand how overusing strengths creates weakness
  6. Learn how to intuit the intent behind people’s behavior

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