Ivy (Interactive)

Thank you, thank you

You walk into a room and everyone erupts in applause. How do you react?The answer to that question depends largely on your personality.  Your DISC style might even predict your response.

The group starts to applaud and the Dominant eagle might ask, "What did I do?" Hmmm, I wonder which of my accomplishments this is related to?

An Interactive parrot would just bask in the celebration. "Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!" I have no idea what I did, but who cares? They're applauding!

The Supportive dove might say, "Oh stop," and actually mean it.  No really, stop, this is embarrassing.

A Conscientious owl may ask, "Why are you applauding?" I don't want to make any assumptions here. Maybe it's a coincidence that they started applauding at the exact moment I entered the room.  I'll have to ask what prompted the applause.

Merrick Rosenberg