Dorian (Dominant)

Group and Organizational DISC Styles

Just as we can use the DISC styles to better understand people, we can apply the same DISC system model to understanding companies. 

While there isn't necessarily a personality test for an organization, the styles reflect themselves in how companies innovate, manage change, create culture, and drive towards results. 

Organizations with D DISC style:

• Act quickly
• Change “paradigms”
• Make decisions based on principles
• Prefer transformational change
• Focus on targets, plans and objectives
• Communication is one-way
• Willing to innovate
• Prevent access to decision making
• Create new markets and opportunities
• Focus on bottom-line results

Organizations with I DISC style:

• Open boundaries
• Reach consensus on decision making
• Work best with the big picture
• Spot emerging trends
• Prefer transformational change
• May attempt too much too soon
• Future-focused
• Emphasize creating a shared vision
• Make decisions based on values
• Concerned with morale and stress
• May be to optimistic about trends 

Organizations with S DISC style:

• Work with existing paradigms
• Trust spoken communication
• Prefer incremental change
• Focus on the present
• Make decisions based on values
• Believe that personal support leads to effectiveness
• Focus on developing teamwork
• Have long-term employees and long-term clients 

Organizations with C DISC style:

• Respond after studying all options
• Trust written communication
• Work best with the details of a situation
• Prefer incremental change
• Adherence to policies and standard procedures
• Focus on targets, plans and objectives
• Make decisions based on principles
• Vision is based on tangible goals
• Work within existing paradigms