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Take Flight Learning

Based on more than two decades of experience with the DISC styles, Take Flight Learning is the leading DISC training company in the United States. After training tens of thousands of people in the DISC styles, Merrick Rosenberg breathed new life into this age-old model by linking the styles to the birds in his books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon.

Take Flight Learning offers a variety of DISC training programs, products, and services. DISC sessions can be conducted for organizations (including programs for individuals, teams, leaders, salespeople, and educators), trainers (through the Take Flight with DISC Certification), and in public seminars.

about take flight learning

Take Flight Learning will revolutionize how you see yourself and everyone you work with.  Through our training programs, you will discover why you click with some, clank with others, and what to do about it.  As Take Flight Learning grew out of Team Builders Plus, a team building company that was founded in 1991, we have designed our programs to be highly interactive...and when we say interactive, we mean it!

At Take Flight Learning, engaging participants isn't just "turn to a partner, discuss a topic and report out in five minutes."  Our programs get results as participants experience the styles in action and learn in a way that is geared towards application and behavior change, not just understanding letters.

Participants will emerge from Take Flight Learning training programs with a wide range of strategies for maximizing their own strengths and an improved ability to recognize the unique contribution each DISC style brings to the workplace.

Hundreds of companies, from small and medium-sized firms to Fortune 100 corporations, have tapped the wisdom of Take Flight Learning to bring out the best in their people at every level.   

Take Flight Values
  • Reimagine everything: If it's always been done that way, reinvent a better way
  • Make it happen: Imagine with intuition, plan for success, implement with relentless passion
  • Exude contagious passion: Create raving fans from all of our interactions
  • Be the example: Practice what we preach
  • Act as one team: Provide unwavering support to each other
  • Live healthy: Take care of our bodies, minds, spirits and culture
  • Support the community: Give back to the world around us
  • Embrace diversity: Value the power of individual differences

Take Flight Learning Impacts Organizations